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joins us live. nice to see you always. i wish it wasn't under these circumstances. we heard from mayor bloomberg that if there are going to be any changes to the rules as far as the air traffic above the skies of new york city and manhattan, the area you preside over, it will have to come from the federal government. what kind of changes would you like to see federal authorities put in place? >> first of all, there is going to be an investigation and that investigation will take some time. but the reality is this is not the first time we've had an accident in the burroughs of manhattan. with a small plane. today it was a helicopter and a small plane. we've had loss of life. i think we have to start digging deeper and figuring out do we have the best safety protocol in place to deal with the skies which are full of small planes and helicopters and underneath that, are millions of new yorkers who look up hoping that the sky is safe and when we see a tragedy like this, we shouldn't wait for an investigation to be complete. the federal government should be meeting tomorrow morning. i'm goi
the people who is seeing it and can safely send us an ireport, ireport.com. easy to upload your photos, videos, stories. tell us what you are seeing. we give you a call. make sure you have seen is as well. fred, we are monitoring, twitter, facebook. telling everyone if you have seen this. aware, impacting you, my pages, facebook and twitter,/joshlevscnn. >> to recap. happening right now. for the second time this year. we have an air emergency in new york's hudson river. rescue efforts are under way right now after a reported collision of a helicopter and a small plane. and it happened just after noon today. six people reportedly on board the chopper which belongs to a local sightseeing company, called liberty tours. according to the u.s. coast guard only one person has been recovered so far. here's what other eyewitnesses are telling us. >> i did not see the collision. i looked up into the sky. and i saw a plume of smoke. i saw a helicopter twirling through the air. and the rotors were removed. there were pieces and shards of the helicopter flying around. the actual body of the helicop
court creates a life curriculum for us to create a society towards justice and quality. >> reporter: i saw tears streaming down your face as you were watching the ceremony. you thrust your fist onto the air and you were so excited. why is this such a source of pride for you? what kind of message does this send to all americans? >> that we have a fighting chance and we are being recognized for the very first time. being low-income individuals and living in a poor community, it shows that people can progress no matter where you are at. >> reporter: you are one of the pu younger people that was here today. what kind of message does this send to you and how does judge sotomayor inspire you? >> it just shows me as a young person i can accomplish anything. i'm 19 years old, but i feel like i've got a long way ahead of me and i'm going to accomplish all my dreams and goals and she is such an inspiration. >> reporter: thank you all very much for joining us again. it is an historic day for all americans, but here in spanish harlem, a special source of pride. back to you. >> susan candiotti, tha
jersey state police, governor corzine is inside, we're standing by waiting to hear what they will tell us. back to you. >> rick: for the information and the eyewitness, jamie, that gore spoke with, and the exact same story as a gentleman who spoke with a while ago. christy chok in hoboken saw the same thing. did not see the plane that appeared was a part of the collision, but saw the chopper and sought to break into three parts. another eyewitnesses bill olivier joins us now on the phone. bill, where were you and what did you see? househunting circle line cruise ship that department at 11:00 o'clock with my family from texas, and i'm hearing a lot of accounts of people seeing it after it happened. we were sitting on the topic -- sitting on the topic of the circle line cruise ship heading back the statue of liberty, and my wife and i looked at each other and reset all my god, plane and helicopter going to hit each other. so we saw it coming together. it was almost surreal, in slow motion, then we saw that looked like and i heard reported earlier that someone kind of estimated that maybe th
the people and not about taking money out of the free enterprise capitalistic system that made us a great country and putting it in government pockets. >> grassley is the ranking republican on the senate finance committee, deeply involved obviously in health care reform bargaining process. let's talk about president obama, because he's fighting, one of the ones calling those health care reforms scare tactics head on. at a town hall in portsmouth, new hampshire, it was a lot like a campaign rally. the president accused special interest to scare and mislead people. outside the forum, protesters had signs that called him a socialist and protested what they see as a bigger government role in health care. president obama plans more town halls. the white house has launch add weshz to counter critics. >>> during the town hall, president obama says we have the aarp on board. the aarp which has 45 million or 50 says not so fast. the ceo says they have not endorsed any of the health care reform bill. aa rchl p is launch ag multi-million dollar advertising and organizing this to debunk critics. >>>
-628-0205. you can reach us on twitter, twitter.com/c-spanwj. you can also reach us by e-mail, journal@c-span.org. if you call in, make sure that you turn down your television or radio so that you do not feed back. we will start with the front page of "the wall street journal." "taliban is now winning." this is the report from peter spiegel in washington. "the commander, general stanley mcchrystal, has offered a preview of the strategic assessment that he is going to deliver to washington later this month, saying that the troop shifts are designed to better protect the afghanistan civilians from rising levels of taliban violence and intimidation. the coming redeployments are the clearest manifestation on the death toll and spike in military deaths in afghanistan." we will look at that chart this morning, the mounting toll of the u.s. troop casualties in afghanistan. another article this morning from the philadelphia -- "philadelphia inquirer." de "the president's national security adviser did not rule out adding more u.s. forces in afghanistan to help turn around a war that he said yes
guest: the koppers have a long history here in the u.s. and they can be in different forms. they can be owned by the members themselves and they use their strength as a group to purchase goods or services and the cooperatives of that would be formed across the united states would act in the very same way as they do today. i informed rural illinois and we are very familiar with cooperatives as individuals come together as groups. americans think of themselves as the rugged individualists, but actually, we join groups all the time. and the cooperatives give the power of groups to the individual. i think that it can bring competition to the health care sector. we need greater competition. but we need greater choices for individuals. and that is what i think cooperative's done correctly will do. a cartel, on the other hand, is controlled by the suppliers and their monopolistic -- and they are monopolistic and they do not serve to enhance competition. cartels killed competition. we ought to be careful about the real language that is being used. kecoughtahost: it sounds like ot c
] >> thank you for all of the speakers and the gifts that you have given us. thank you, vicki. thank you, caroline, patrick, kiki, kara, gene. welcome to this library that teddy build and brought to life with his spirit and dedication to public service. as many of you know, over the last few years or for most of my adult life, one of my part-time jobs has been introducing teddy to crowds of people who already knew him incredibly well. although this process was unbelievably stressful for me, it was just another one of the guests that he gave me. when he saw that i was nervous, he would give me a pat on the back. when he knew that i was sad, he would call up and say, i have a great idea. maybe you would like to introduce me. off i would go on another is venture in public speaking. no matter how nervous i was, i knew that when i stepped down from the podium, i would kiget a big kiss and he would say, i am going to get you back to. [inaudible] it was a beautiful summer night, there was no wind. the sea was calm and the stars were out. there was one star that was brighter than all the rest.
of terror. passengers tell us about the moment their packed jetliner dropped like a stone. we answer your questions about turbulence. >>> as children head back to school, we have the swine flu survival kit. >>> and does air conditioning turn you into a popsicle? is this a female thing? we take a stand on our hot is this a female thing? we take a stand on our hot topics this morning. captions paifor by abc, inc. >>> and good morning, america. i'm diane sawyer, with chris cuomo. robin is on assignment, on this august 4th, 2009. and everyone has been thinking all along, who could sweep into north korea? who could gain the american journalists? >> the answer is presidentill clinton. he landed in the capital today. >> it's an extraordinary mission, as you say, because of the high level of it. and everybody wondering, since they have been there for five months, we know the sentence was 12 years of hard labor. will it work? let's go straight to martha raddatz and see what she has learned. martha? >> reporter: good morning, diane. the one thing that is clear here is bill clinton would not have go
to happen. thanks for talking to us. >> gregg: all right. we want to set the scene right now. >>> 29 minutes after 5:00 o'clock east coast time. it has been a horrible day because of this tragedy on the hudson and they are still out there. they are searching for bodies, seven of which they hope to recover because of this midair collision. we want to tell you also that because the two-hour business block was preempted for this breaking news, this is go to air tomorrow, the business block, sunday, august 9, from 2:00 o'clock to 4:00 o'clock eastern time. so if you missed your business picks and there are a great many people who are looking forward to that, you can get it tomorrow, 2:00 o'clock to 4:00 o'clock east coast time. fox news business block. >>> continuing now with this fox news alert, i'm gregg jarrett along with julie banderas. >> a tour of the new york city skyline touring tragic for a group of tourists today. >> a helicopter carrying five italians crashed midair with a single engine plane over the hudson river right between manhattan and new jersey this afternoon. according to the
-section, not necessarily representative, but people coming up to us and having a discussion about health care. last night we pulled in to paducah, kentucky, and it was just remarkable, the number of people who showed up. so, what we did, we asked the restaurant across the road to give us some chairs. we sat down under -- 20 feet from the bus, got our cameras fired up, and we had our own town hall meeting. here's just a taste of what we heard. we're here in paducah, kentucky. we are hearing different things from people wherever we're going, but i haven't found too many people around here who are opposed to reforming health care. >> i'm for the idea, but i don't think that congress and the president has done a good job of disseminating the information. i'm just hearing a lot of flak and not a lot of meat and potatoes. >> reporter: what about you? >> i think right now we have a lack of choice. i mean, health care's expensive. i mean, the average costs of the coverage i found more often than not are more expensive than the actual care. i would think any choice, any viable choice, would be better than what we
to us at this point that this was probably not survivable from virtually the instant of the accident or certainly a few seconds later when both aircraft went into the water. >> julie: we understand family members currently identifying the victims who have been recovered. at this point we do not immediately know the victims names, but we do know is there were three people onboard the piper airplane including a child, and onboard the euro copter five italian tourists in the pilot. one of the new york city's worst disasters in recent memory occurred today, the most youthful days have seen in new york all summer long. the small plane reportedly running into the back of the helicopter on a clear afternoon. debris from the crash even sending people on the waterfront in hoboken new jersey running for cover and that's where we find lower angle with the very latest. >> hide julie, i've just seen the chairwoman of the national transportation safety board arrived. deborah chrisman is here along with some other investigators, and they are getting a briefing right now with fbi agents and local an
of the investigation. so far officials have only located the helicopter wreckage. >> they're using sonar to locate the airplane. >> reporter: the victims, a pilot and five italian tourists onboard the tour helicopter. on the plane, the pilot and two passengers, including a child. soon after the crash, officials say it was clear no one could have survived. >> this has changed from a rescue to a recovery mission. >> reporter: it was a clear day with flying conditions nearly ideal. investigators say the helicopter, owned by liberty tours, took off from the manhattan heliport. the small plane departed teeth boro airport in new jersey. witnesses say it appeared the plane clipped the hecopter's tail. >> i seen debris come flying down. >> went right in and there was a splash and it was completely submerged and there was nothing else. >> reporter: the ntsb says the pilot of another liberty helicopter refueling at the heliport tried to warn his colleague. he radioed the accident helicopter and told him one lima hotel. you have a fixed wing behind you. there was no response from the pil pilot. >> reporter:
of fireworks lately. tell us about the tone of this event. >> outside, it has been very feisty, but inside, it was very respectful, bonilla, -- vanilla, calm. the president going around trying to find some opposition. one woman got up and said she was a pose. he winked at her, and she fell apart. shepard: the president addressed some of the tactics. >> he called the misinformation tactics. he took on one thing that has been out there possibly about how your health care may change. let's listen. >> the rumor that has been circulating a lot lately is this idea that somehow the house of representatives voted for death panels that will basically pull the plug on grandma. >> president obama spent a lot of his time at that town hall meeting basically trying to say what was in his plan. shepard: a lot of disinformation is out there. i wonder if the white house has found itself -- at least at this point, it seems clear they have not been able to match their opponents' campaign of disinformation, and the white house seems to be struggling. do they have a plan? >> they thought getting the president
from the top u.s. commander there. >>> and a big drag for a suspected robber who led police on a three-mile chase. they ended up chasing him not just to catch him but to save him. >>> i'm chuck roberts. welcome on a monday hln "news and views." diver are scouring the water for the two remaining victims of saturday's crash of a sight-seeing helicopter and a small fixed wing plane. that crash killed a total of nine people and this morning divers working in near zero visibility say they think they located the plane. they say they hope to pull it out of the water today. most of the chopper was plucked yesterday and the ntsb says it was close to intact. alert witnesses on both shores, the new york and new jersey sides of the river, caught the crash on their cameras. and the ntsb says their quick action is helping them piece together exactly what happened. >> we've had some very good information from eyewitnesses. we have some footage, some pictures that you all have seen that shows immediately after the collision some of the break-up sequence and the two aircraft actually falling towards th
-mailing us at archives at press.org, for more information about the national press club, please go to our website at www.press.org, thank you and we are adjourned. [applause]. [inaudible conversations] [inaudible conversations] >> remarks on counterterrorism by homeland security secretary janet napolitano and talks about the obama administration's new efforts to engage the public at large and work with local law enforcement, the council on foreign relations in new york city is the host of this casinoed event. it lasts about an hour. >> good morning. good morning. i am paul steiger, the presider today. welcome to today's council on foreign relations meeting. today participants around the nation and the world are viewing this meeting via live webcast on cfr's web site. www.cfr.org. in view of that for those of you in the room, please turn off -- not just put on vibrate, your cell phones, blackberries and all of the other wireless devices you've got, to avoid interference with the sound system. i would also like to remind everybody on -- all the members that this meeting is on the record. se
in tact. so it gives us a sense how deadly this plane crash was, how dangerous it could have been here for those on the shore. there are no reports of injuries my cameraman is going to push in on the action happening behind us. you can see that neon orange balloon floating in the water. that is marker where they have found some type of debris. you can see the boats, new york police departments are the white and blue ones and gray and orange boats are coastguard. they have been in and out of the water. scuba divers with the nypd all day long. we've seen them pulling out baskets the sides of a stretcher. we cannot fell from our vantage point what they are pulling out. we have heard that at least two bodies have been recovered. on the other side of the river, you heard the mayor saying this was not a survivable crash. five italian tourists and one pilot was in tour helicopter. and the others in the small plane. this is a dangerous part of the hudson river. water is very deep and murky, 60 feet in some places that we are watching this effort going on right now. there are a lot of questions
there in the public eye. >> being a correctional officer is very hard work. it is dangerous for us coming out every night to going home and being in the public. >> she was well respected by her peers. the union that represents the correctional officers will create a scholarship in her honor. jennifer franciotti reporting. >> in west baltimore, the investigation continues into a shooting that left a man wounded. at the intersection of presman street and north fremont ave. there's no word on a motive or suspects in the case. and although county police are interviewing a woman they believe may know something after man was discovered in a car suffering from a stab wounds. this is between i-95 and ordinance road in glen burnie. the man was rushed to the hospital suffering from life- threatening injuries. the woman is not considered a suspect. >> state delegate jon cardin has reimbursed baltimore city police or the use of helicopter, a police boat, and officers to stage a proposal for his fiancee. $300 with the bill. that comes from his calculation of the karlie rate paid to the officers and cost of fuel
like this? >> i was very shocked. think i was screaming for a few second. and then two of us we start calling 911. probably a lot of people saw it. that's why the line was busy. then we sought rescue boats. rescue helicopters. just after like a minute. that quick. >> no one swimming. >> i do not see it. >> any flames? >> i didn't see any flames. i saw some smokes like afterward. i didn't see any flames. >> want to show you what it looks like from google earth. as you come into new york harbor you see the statue of liberty, emis island in the lower left. moving up the hudson river. the crash site was in the stretch of river, pier 40 and lower manhattan and hoboken new jersey. cnns susan candiotti on the story. she begins coverage from the banks of the hudson lower manhattan. susan, i am hearing that the ntsb will hold a press conference shortly before the top of the hour maybe. >> all right. we also have some other breaking news to tell you about. i have a confirmed from two different agencies including the new york police department as well as the medical examiner's office, that three
can send us a message by twitter. here is the front page above the fold in "the washington post" -- as a ben bernanke is reappointed, the announcement will come this morning from an elementary school. here is what mr. obama will say "as an expert on the causes of the great depression i'm sure that ben never imagined he would be part of the team responsible for preventing another." he purged the collapse with calm and wisdom with bold action and thinking outside the box. -- he approached that collapsed. these reporters indicate that mr. obama's decision had become the subject of growing speculation. in washington policy circles the president called the fed chairman to the oval office this past wednesday to offer him another four-year term. mr. ben bernanke then flew off to wyoming where he gave the defense of his controversial policies. one of the points, is that appointing a democrat such as janet yellen, alan blinder, would have been popular with many democrats, but a move by mr. obama to install his own person at the fed might have rattled markets and unsettled the foreign inv
. he spoke to us by phone from new york. >> mr. shriver was really an authentic american hero. the work that she did touched honestly millions and millions and millions of lives and when you look at the shriver family between special olympics and the peace corp. and best buddies, they really apit mize what public service is all about. mr. shriver was such a role model for so many people around the world, certainly in our local area and this is a huge loss for our community. >> she met him en he was a classmate. we have much more coverage of the life and legacy of eunice kennedy shriver on our website, wusa9.com. attached to the story you'll find a slide show and the entire statement issued by the special olympics about her passing. >> a woman who went to check on a relative's cat end up the victim of rape. it pp haedenin loudoun county whe e erthedsheriff's departmen is looking for help in solving the case. peggy fox has the story. >> i can't believe something like this would happen. >> in this area. >> you wouldn't expect a crime like this to happen out here, where fiel
, and i would imagine that most of us here are on medicare, and most -- there may be some who would like to give up their medicare? no. none of us to do. so what is so wrong with government provided health care? >> thank you. >> i have one more question. in these proposals you suggest, i did not see any way to control costs. that has been one of our major problems. not only the denial of care, but the rationing of care by the health insurance companies. costs have gone out of control. so how to propose this? how would your system control it? >> i will send you a copy of your poster board. i do not want to get into the mayo clinic, but this is what they said. the proposed legislation misses the opportunity to create higher-quality, more affordable health care for patients. in fact, it would do the opposite. that is a clearcut statement. the ability to go through state lines to purchase health insurance, reform medical malpractice, give people a $5,000 refundable tax credit to go anywhere in america and get health insurance they think best meets their needs. we eliminate this problem that
- based forms of fuel that is killing us and telling the resources we need to survive. last summer when gas prices were so expensive, people were screaming to, isn't it terrible. it is tough to live without gasoline but a lot harder to live without water, three days, that is it. i think you bring up a great point in terms of realizing the true cost of the exploitation of those kinds of resources. host: wisconsin on our independent line. caller: first, i want to thank you for c-span. i want to thank the two young people for being on the air. it is so important. i don't remember if it was discovery, national geographic or the history channel but they showed a program where countries -- several countries in the world where they are playing with our weather and putting some kind of gas pump up into the ozone layer and it is affecting the way in that gulf stream patterns and other patterns, and it is influencing -- excuse me -- influencing our weather. and also, why can't governments all over the world outlaw plastic? it would create jobs and get rid of all of this crap all of our water? hos
we'll treat it first. most families in china earn less than 1,000 u.s. dollar as year. the 15 cents is affordable health care. but reeed. we can't afford to treat major illnesses, she says, we're afraid if it's serious we'll have to spend a lot of money. but health care reform is also important to this economy. the chinese have an incredibly high personal saving rate. currently that's to cut against medical bills. the government is imposing a better health care system will mean that they save less and spend more. that will be good for economic growth. to do that, they have sun verse sal health courage of 20/20. >> here is tony harris. >> good morning, everyone. this is august 10th. the top stories in the cnn "newsroom." >>. >>> divers look for bodies in the hudson river. >>> a growing appetite in small town america. good morning, everyone. i'm tony harris and you are in the cnn "newsroom." temperatures are reaching a pitch and the chanting, the yelling, the hard to reach the debate through all of the noise. to determine what happens with health care reform, we'll cut through all of
of a senator in new jersey. by "us," i think he was talking to the latino community. what do you make of that? >> i think anybody who is going to cast a vote for or against a nominee based on the color of their skin, that is the wrong way to be making a decision. he and the latino activists can scream all they want. the people they are appealing to and that they are going to try to rev up are not likely republican voters in the first place. i do not think this is going to make a difference. you have people like orrin hatch, who has an excellent relationship with the latino community, he cast a vote against this woman. he has one of the best outreach policies of anyone in the senate. neil: when senator barack obama voted against samuel alito for the court, i do not know if there was an outcry, "it is going to hurt him with a italian-americans." i would hope we are beyond some silliness -- hurt him with italian-americans." >> we ought to be beyond that, too. race and gender do not block people's elevation to hire op- ed's any longer in america. it just does not happen -- elevation to higher ele
, and cnn white house correspondent dan lothian are all working this story for us. i want to start off with elaine quijano. elaine, what else do we know in this newly declassified report? >> reporter: well, suzanne, this is the report right here. as you can see, it's pretty lengthy. we're still going through it. but there are new details about interrogations that took place under the bush administration. for instance, during the questioning of 9/11 mastermind khalid shaikh mohammed, here is what the report found on page 43. "according to this interrogator, the redacted portions are indicated there, you'll see, interrogators said to khalid shaikh mohammed that if anything else happens in the united states, we're going to till your children." also, in addition to details we learned over the weekend about the use of a gun and a power drill to intimidate a detainee into giving up information, now another tactic has been revealed. the report says, quote, in july 2002, blamed operations officer participated with another operations officer in custodial interrogation of a te taney. blank repor
, weigh in, let us know how you feel about this, men versus women, apparently women have a different reaction to cold temperatures than men do. >> finally, scientific proof because we've been having-- >> we were trying to await this study. >> a battle royal at every-- as i do with my work husband every single weekend, the fight about temperature. >> we already had one. >> this morning, it was the worst. >> five minutes ago. >> cold, too hot. >> but first let me be clear, the president likes to say let be me cheer. in fact, it is his favorite phrase, one he's uttered over and over and over again in his first few months on the job, an interesting article on the politico.com, how frequently the president uses this phrase and exactly what it accomplishes, gee guys. >> from excuse me president bush's former speech writer, it's a phrase, a verbal twitch. an example of president obama using the let's be clear linements first of all, let me be clearments let me be clear. >> i just want to be clear. let me be clear. >> so let me be clear. >> i want to be clearments i want to make clear. >> i
't have any public events on his schedule. that worries us. what happens here at the white house, the press conference, something. the president is sitting down with the staff and very quietly going on with all of the options with health care reform. we didn't have the senate supporting the public option. they waned to bring in more republicans, the blue dog democrats, as well as assure people that the insurance companies -- the private insurance companies that believe they're going to go out of business, that public health care reform is'a bad idea. what else circulates. what's out there -- perhaps the idea of a co-op. you see the back and forth. one is de-emphasized, another pops up. this is about give us something, guys. what's going to stick here? hopefully the health care legislation believes he's going to sign to law is'going to look the way it looks today, yesterday. we're trying to get a balance, if you will, to see what is the formula to get the most support. >> interesting to see what else percolates out there. a little later at 7:10, speak with congressman weiner we sa
. composed of people that primarily are on twitter and facebook or people that use online organizing techniques to organize their community around some kind of issue. host: you are meeting at the the david lawrence convention center in pittsburgh. . >> that basically decide if they want to follow us around. 9√∑they are trying to grab onto what we are doing, regardless of which city is in. host: c-span has a presence at both conferences. we will be covering today and tomorrow, some of the panels that are taking place, including a conversation with congressman suspect and arlen specter who will be speaking at the event with the former dnc chairman howard dean. where do you see the netroots movement going into next three- five years? guest: what will happen is that the past seven or so, we have worked on the electric-politics. it has gotten pretty sophisticated. there has been signs among activists and victories and money raised on line. you'll start seeing people translate that into techniques that are effective for governments. getting things like health care passed, getting the cat a
. 202-737-0002 for democrats. we also have a line for independents, and send us a tweed. inside "usa today" the health- care battle bubbling over in town hall forums across the nation this month, shifting to tv screens. if you go to the website politico.com, a $12 million edged campaign committee latest wave of ads in support of the president's plan. mike allen joins us. can you explain what this is all about. guest: the $12 million buy, which is the first of tens of millions of dollars of money going out in support of the president's plant is an effort by white house allies to counter all the great coverage we have been seeing on c-span and elsewhere of these raucous town halls. as you know, this is the reversal of the landscape that president clinton faced back in 1993 when the air waves were very much dominated by the opposition. >> this is coming -- host: this is coming at the same time as the net routes meeting in michigan, and "usa to the" is pinning it $57 million in health-care advertising. guest: it is like a presidential campaign if you are in ohio you will see more of the
. captioning funded by cbs >>> good morning. thanks for joining us. i'm michelle guillen. >>> claudette made landfall in the florida panhandle early this morning, the first named storm to hit the u.s. main land this year. claudette moved onto the shore at ft. walton beach as a tropical storm with maximum winds of 50 miles per hour. the storm dumped heavy rains in some area but is expected to weaken over land and is not expected to cause significant damage. forecasters have been watching two other storms over the weekend. ana, headed toward the gulf of mexico, is dying out. bill is farther away but potentially the most dangerous of the three. hari sreenivasan has more. >> reporter: claudette came ashore less than a day after forming over the gulf coast. ana is already weakening, but bill has forecasters watching and worrying. >> it does look like, first of all, bill is going to be the first hurricane of the season, probably the first major hurricane of the season. >> reporter: forecasters recently scaled back their predictions for this year, saying they expect only 10 named storms instead of
it was quick, yeah. >> what did you guys do next offer saw this? >> we all, three of us girls, we all called 911. i think it was probably busy, so it said leave a message. so that was a little bit funny, but very soon in about a minute, i just see like all the other helicopters and people coming for the rescue. so it was very quick. >> did you see a plane? did you see a plane? >> no, i did not see a plane. i didn't know there was a crash. i just thought it's probably a malfunction. >> did you them starting to pull people out of the water? >> i see a lot of people come and start trying to rescue. lots of boats started to drive towards the helicopter. >> did you see people in the water? were there people swimming that immediate rescued? ? >> die not see that. i did not see a struggle or anything, but i see people try to come and help. >> where were you, golfing? >> chelsea pier. >> where were you exactly when you saw it? >> i was on level d or c. i think level d. we were golfing. chelsea pier golf club. >> tell me more about the rescue effort. you were are both red heading to the scene. i saw
, right? >> i am saying there is a trust gap that is growing, and as you just articulately put it for us, we are seeing promises being broken in other regards, and when it comes to my personal privacy, the privacy of my own conversation and, neil, as i might add, this is not about a suspicious suitcase being left in the middle of grand central station or some vehicle parked somewhere that looks suspicious. this is something that has something to do with the core fundamental principles of health care, and we are having our debate about that. if we are not able to have that in the privacy of our own homes and in casual conversation, this is no longer america. neil: thank you. we would read what kevin has put out, because he has framed this debate way beyond a liberal or conservative conversation. left, white, red, blue. this is just plain illegal. our senior analyst judge andrew napolitano joins us. it is illegal? >> yes. when richard nixon was worried about anti-war protesters during the vietnam era, he said fbi agents and undercover cia agents under cover, which is against the law to be
. hopefully nobody's handing him his approval ratings. brian: they're not strong. for him, anyway. used to be at 70%. for a while it was 60%. right now if you go on the weekly ratings, the weekly poll with galup -- and they've been doing this for a while, the galup family. his approval rating is 52%. that's a significant drop considering where it was. last month it was at 59%. it was really before, eric, this whole health care debate began. eric: o'reilly put this out last night. he was 40% of the people polled in rasmussen strongly disapproved. i mean strongly, not just disapproved. only 28% strong lay proved. -- strong lay proved. there's a real movement with people getting more and more upset with how he's handling the health care debate. gretchen: there's been little flip in people who describe themselves as liberals. as you might expect. the same would have been true for the most part for george bush, that the ardent supporters probably aren't going to change their mind. however, the two key groups, the independents -- remember, this is how barack obama got elected, because so muc
. the stretch of the hudson river is just down river from where us airways flight 1549 crashed last january. susan joins us live from the banks of the hudson river. >> reporter: i covered that incident, as well, obvious lay far happier outcome than this. there is a recovery operation going on at this hour. as you see off into the distance as long as we still have light, you can see boats with the new york fire department, the u.s. ghost guard has been on site, the police department all trying to help as well as officials and authorities represented from new jersey, as well. and you you indica as you indicated, the conditions are fairly rough. wind isn't too high, but divers can barely see in front of their face. advise at is limited to between feet. so you see those boats out there, that is a flat form for on four teams of divers taking turns going down into the depths of the hudson river only 30 feet deep, but it is extremely murky down there. and they are trying to seek out the wreckage. as of about an hour or two ago, new york city's mayor michael bloomberg said that they thought that th
. >> this is the reason that judge greg step down from the administration and is now a u.s. senator. there is a good reason for you to be concerned about this. >> a couple of you mentioned the top tier candidates and you made the comment that if we have a couple of wins, mabel they will -- maybe they will step in. maybe it's time we have states and that are not afraid to lose. [applause] if these people are top tier candidates, they ought to be running whether they are free to lose or not. otherwise, they're just professional politicians and that charlie crist is a prime example. he was supporting the stimulus package without even reading it. >> i agree with you in the sense that in a perfect world, i think you are right. let me go back to the initial point which was what haley barbour said. according to him, most of the people who won the were part of the american revolution in 1994 signed on after the '93 victories. that is late to get into the game. that is only one year out. whether it is right or wrong, these people -- if someone runs for office, they are putting their life on the line put. it
a certain galaxies and the distance it is speeding from us. once you have a relation between the distance and the speed, and the relation, but the way, is linear so if something is more distant, it moves faster from us -- once you have a relation like this, you can roll it back, like a video that you run backward, and you can discover when it did the expected start. if i tell you that the distance from here to baltimore is -- i don't know what it is -- 40 miles, let's say, it will take you an hour to get there. of course, it never does, because the parkway is always full of repairs and things, but that is a different question. in this particular case, you can use this to roll the movie of the universe back and discover how old are universe is. the problem is, in astronomy, while you can determine speeds relatively easy, because you use something that is similar to the doppler effect, this thing that when something moves away, waves gets spread out, so you can, by seeing how waves gets spread out, it tell how fast it is moving, distances are very difficult to tell in astronomy. you look to
with a small plane this afternoon over the dson river. the two aircraft went down just south of where a u.s. airways plane crash land seven months ago but beverly, tragically the outcome is much different. new york mayor michael bloomberg called the accident not surviveable. it is a crystal-clear, sunny day. three people on the plane including a child were headed to ocean city, new jersey. a number of people strolling along the river witnessed the deadly crash in disbelief. >> it was like a movie. it was turning, then the head went down first. >> two victims have already been recovered in the water. witnesses say the aircraft collided not far from the hoboken line. >> the helicopter went straight down in the water, there was a puff of smoke and a bang, the plane hit the water in a couple of pieces. >> according to the f.a.a., the plane, a piper a.a.-32 had just taken off from teterboro airport in new jersey. mayor bloomberg says it pacer the airplane crashed into the rear of the chopper. >> the visibility is about two feet at the depth of 30 feet. >> while the coast guard continues gatherin
recognizes h1n1 is going to be a challenge for all of us and there will be people who are going to be getting sick in the fall and die. >> another deadly issues, president calderone's war against mexican drug cartel, which are only getting stronger. drug-related deaths surpassed 12,000 this month. president obama stands firmly with calderone as the cartels have increasingly branched out into the u.s. >> we have responsibilities to reduce the trafficking of guns into the south that help strengthen these cartels and the flows of money and money laundering. >> they will also discuss an issue of livelihood, unemployment in the u.s. caused by a trucking dispute. in 1994 the two countries agreed to allow mexican trucks to haul their loads directly into the u.s. to expedite delivery as long as safety measure were met. but members of congress and teamsters union complain the trucks are unsafe and block them from entry. >> allow them into our country will diminish safety on our highways. >> reporter: in retall yashgs, mexico slapped $2.4 billion worth of tariffs on products, devastating businesses th
the crash as it happened. david wolf joins us from hoboken, new jersey. tell us what you saw. >> i was sitting on the pier from the hoboken side. i was watching the helicopter, a small tourist-type helicopter that is quite common to see. i was following it. out of the side of my vision i saw a small, private airplane coming from the side and i saw the two of them smack into each other and a giant puff of smoke, then the wings flew off. then just the debris quickly fell into the water. >> i imagine there are a million things going through your head at that moment. first of all, did i just see what i really think i saw? what were you thinking? what went through your mind at that point? >> yeah. it all flashed within two seconds. i was like, oh, my god, am i really seeing this? at some point when i saw the puff of smoke or the explosion come out, i definitely screamed. then i thought, okay, maybe it's an emergency situation. what do i need to do? i realized there was nothing to be done. it was so fast and everything just fell in pieces. i knew there wasn't anything to do. >> what happ
these charges. we will say, again, as we've said before that we said before when they left u.s. soil, they never intended to cross to north korea. according to the charges, they confessed. so we know they're sorry. we're very sorry. and we hope that the north korean government now will show compassion and just let them come home. >> lisa, i mean, does it concern you that the north korean government is saying they were there for a smear campaign, not acknowledging they were independent journalists? >> all we can say is that they are journalists and they were doing their job. my sister has been a journalist for years. and that's really all we can say. you know, we weren't in the courtroom. we don't know any sort of specifics other than what was released. we just hope, you know, given the fact that we know the girls have apologized profusely, that they will let the girls come home to us. it's been -- it's been three months. and that's been too long for us. >> stay with us. because coming up in five minutes' time, we're going to be talking to victor cha, the director of asian affairs at the white ho
disrupted this election like many of us thought might take place. so far this election is said to have gone reasonably well despite the violence and low turnout. brian: who's favored to win? is it karzai in a run away or are the polls, indeed, closing? >> well it looks like president karzai will probably take the overwhelming share of the vote but probably won't get enough to avoid a second-round runoff. he needs 50% plus one vote in order to win outright. and right now he looks well short of that. but it all depends on turnout to see just who who will win and if there will be a second round of this election. brian: all right, conor. thanks. gretchen: iraq's prime minister is calling for a security review after a wave of bombings. sunni insurgents are blamed for the violence yesterday in baghdad. malaki's statement is the first by government leaders there acknowledging security problems since the u.s. withdrew troops from iraqi cities. president obama called the violence "senseless." two soldiers are dead in the crash of an army blackhawk helicopter near the top of colorado's second highest
in a very readable book and i know that john and elizabeth had have special comments for us and join us for the q & a afterwards. so please join me in welcoming to the podium, john roberts. >> just a little bit over 50 years ago, a very enigmatc monk sailed into the harbor of new york to settle into the saw it's. i decided to start this morning talking about him, because he turned out to be the living human bridge in a changing political movement to maintain tibet's freedom that began as a cold war operation in the 1950's under president truman, and continued to become a counterculture cause up till today, where it's a mass global movement. and that transformation of a political movement to maintain freedom for an occupied country is really a kind of profound thing. the monk was a colmic mongolian. they shared tibetan buddhism going back 50 years with the dalai lama and the tibetan theocracy. he never would have come to the united states if it weren't for world war ii. at the end of world war ii, there were many displaced people in the soviet union including in mongolia and a coup of ca
with the american public and layout his healthcare plan. tell us exactly what he wants. then he can go to the wall with his public approval, his support in congress and push forward on that plan, make it it clear what's in it and what is not in it and then get into the negotiations with the house and the senate. >> host: is it too late, when has the train left the station? >> guest: well, you are letting the opponents of healthcare, of of the obama plan if there is one, concrete in form. you are letting the opponents define what it it is and they are very good at it it. just as democrats are very good at painting republicans into a corner, the republicans, conservatives are very good at painting the president into a corner. so what's happening is that they're punching at every possibility, every possible component of the plan and the president has yet to say, this is what i favor and here is the bill that i favor. he's letting these bills move through congress. they got this in them and that in them. you had a caller earlier who said he's read the entire bill. good for him. he can't find anythin
is 2% over last year's. do you use different deflators? >> we do different slightly different deflators. i'm using a gdp deflator. the defense department computes their own. i don't think that's the difference in one year because it's a slight difference and the difference would only really show up if you're looking over an extended period of time, 20, 30, 40 years. but what i've heard the department of defense saying is that the inflation adjusted growth will be less than 2% in future years. what i've heard them say for this year is around 4%. >> the other thing is 73% increase defense budget. in past years your predecessor would lay this out, 43% increase. does your include supplementles? >> that's looking at, well, i'd have to look. i believe that's looking at the base defense budget. >> your figure would have been the low? >> i'm not familiar with that figure. >> we used a lot in the past and this must be supplementals. >> we can look at that. >> baneline budget and two separate bills sent up not all rolled into one. so we should be thinking 660, 670 a year? >> it looks like what th
for joining us and have a great weekend. >> gregg: this is a fox news alert. we're awaiting a news conference from the national transportation safety board. officials are expected to gi an update on the deadly midair collision over the hudson river. i'm gregg jarrett. >> julie: i'm julie banderas. the associated presses recording the police department has located wreckage from the small plane that slammed into a tour khp chopper yesterday. so far divers have pulled five bodies from the waters. another four are believed to be missing. they recovered a pete's sightseeing helicopter. three people aboard the plane have been identified as members of a pennsylvania family. laura ingle is in new jersey and joins us live with the latest on the recovery effort. >> we are getting word that the search for the small plane that has been going on all day long and they have found the small aircraft just a little north of where we witnessed the helicopter coming out, at least part of it a short time ago. we had dramatic type tape of when the dievsz found the plane using a large crane off a huge boat. they we
of ems, our borough president has joined us, and we also have representatives from the national transportation safety board which will do the complete investigation, we have also have the coast guard on board and we have representatives from the port authority, the harbor police, the new york state police, over on the jersey side we have been working with the jersey state police and local police forces there. what we can tell is that the plane left from teeterboro, the helicopter had just taken off from west 30th street, there were a number of eyewitnesses who saw the crash, it would appear that the airplane ran into the back side of the helicopter. but keep in mind with all of these things, number one, until national transportation safety board makes the determination nothing is a fact. and it can take them many weeks or even years to determine what goes on. this probably won't be that big an investigation. but they will do a complete investigation before they announce their conclusions as to what happened. and whether there are any steps that should be taken to improve safety.
an announcement about distracted driving, specifically using a cellular phone to send text messages while driving. let's take a listen. >> as a result, 25 people were killed, and 135 were injured. if it were up to me, i would ban drivers from texting immediately. but we have learned from our efforts to get people to wear seat belts and persuade people not to drink and drive that laws are not always enough. often, you must combine education but enforcement to get results. that is why i have decided to convene a summit of senior transportation officials, safety advocates, law enforcement representatives, members of congress, and academics who study these matters. the will meet next month to discuss how to put an end to the rash of accidents and fatalities that have cropped up because of distracted driving. when we are done, i expect a list of concrete steps to announce. the bottom line is that we need to put an end to unsafe cellular phone use, typing on blackberries, and other activities requiring drivers to take their eyes off the road and focus away from driving. i said from the day i was confir
their constituents and most are talking about costs? >> that's correct. what polls have shown us. people are month more concerned of cost of health care overall and the desire, they north concerned was w access to health care or the quality of health care. they are really concerned that costs keep going up and they don't get any more for paying more. what necessity real wanted to see is what they like about the health care system preserved and what they don't like, costs, lowered. its old jock about congress, everybody hates congress but they love their congressman. that is how people feel about health care in this country. >> gregg: are people saying, look i don't buy the presidents argument it's not going to cost us something. he claims this is going to be monetarily neutral, it's not going going to increase the deficit. people don't buy that, do they? >> no, not in part. and the president is concerned that we have a rising deficit and the president is asking the country to spend more money. she saying spend that go money in the short term is going to save the country money in the long term, but
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